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The only company to offer you the choice of three distinct types of building

Temporary Buildings Temporary Buildings

These relocatable buildings have a PVC Fabric Roof and are best suited for short-term use or for applications when no heating, cooling or a fire rating is required.

 Semi-Permanent Interim Buildings Semi-Permanent Interim Buildings

These relocatable buildings have a Steel Roof providing increased insulation and are best suited for applications such as manufacturing, production and showrooms.

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Permanent Steel Buildings Permanent Steel Buildings

These are fixed buildings providing a fast-cost-effective alternative to traditional brick & mortar, capable of meeting all building regulations, for any application.

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Six simple questions to select the best building for you

Will people work in the building?

What do you want the building for?

Is heating or cooling required?

How long do you want it for?

Does it need to be relocatable?

Do you own the site?

6 Reasons to choose us as your temporary building supplier

“Great British Service Since 1987 from the Friendliest People in Space”

Our Mission

Our mission at Smart-Space is to ensure we deliver what is the very best for our customer and NOT just what suits us


Buildings made and stocked in the UK

Central Midlands location for rapid response to your needs


Directly employed Midlands based installation teams

Fully certificated - Regulary D & A tested staff


Just 7 to 21 days to install

From order to installation for temporary buildings is often achievable


All component parts held in stock

An entire stock-holding of equipment for fast and high-quality build and maintenance


Unrivalled maintenance and warranty

Comprehensive 10 year buildings warranties for sales and guaranteed on-going support for rentals


Guaranteed absolutely no hidden extras

All quotes fully inclusive

No up-front payments


Unrivalled flexible hire and purchase terms

No minimum or pre-determined rental periods

Only 7 days notice to terminate rental

Money-back maintenance call guarantee

Any questions you may have

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Smart-Space an Ethical Business

  • We are an ethical business and what we say, we will do. Our mission is to ensure we deliver what is the very best for our customer and NOT just what suits us.
  • To this end we offer three distinct building choices temporary buildings, interim buildings and permanent buildings. Our aim is to ensure you get the very best building for your use case.
  • Our working practices, from initial scoping through to maintenance on rental building contracts, are designed to make sure your building is fit for purpose.
  • We make our money purely by serving you. We do not sell leads. We do not subcontract. When you engage us on a contact it is wholly managed in house. We care about our customers.
  • To this end all clients are invited to participate in confidential customer service and building rating surveys the aggregated results we publish on our site.
  • We think we are the best, but it is what our customers say that counts, when it comes to you choosing your temporary building supplier.

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