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Temporary Buildings

Temporary buildings have a PVC fabric roof and are best suited for short-term use or for applications when no heating, cooling or a fire rating is required.

     7 to 21 days from order
     Rent on flexible terms
     Wide delivery from Midlands base
     Flexible deals for lease/rental or purchase

Semi-Permanent Interim Buildings

Interim buildings have a steel roof providing increased insulation and are best suited for applications such as manufacturing, production and showrooms.

     Rent, lease, purchase options
     Cost effective to heat and cool  
     Insulated steel roof and wall cladding
     Up to 10 years of use

Permanent Steel Buildings

Permanent Steel Buildings are a fast-cost-effective alternative to traditional brick and mortar, capable of meeting any building regulations, for any application.

     Incredible value for money
     Any size from 100 – 1000m2
     Total turnkey supply including M&E
     Multiple applications possible

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