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5 top benefits of instant canopies and loading bays

5 top benefits of instant canopies and loading bays

Protect your goods, people and loading area from the British weather
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avon-freight Instant loading bay and adjacent storage unit

At Smart-Space we understand the vital role that covered loading bays and industrial canopies can play in streamlining your workflow and productivity. During the winter months we always see an upsurge in requests as focus moves towards improving working conditions and protecting valuable assets – whether that’s people or product.

Get deliveries under cover (goods inwards and outbound)

As a business you’re likely to both receive and send out products. Delivery times can be unpredictable, especially if you work with overseas suppliers, so it’s good to have a designated check-in area for them when they appear. An industrial canopy to manage the goods is ideal. However you manage your deliveries it is better done undercover: whether that’s processing for storage, allocating parts to different internal departments or shipping the products onwards.

Protect your people from the weather

The great British weather is more unpredictable than delivery times! By providing a dedicated loading/unloading bay you can keep your workforce clean and dry. A protected loading bay or dispatch area is warmer and more efficient and productive. Also, your employees and visiting drivers feel so much better looked after.       

Protect your products from the weather

Operational efficiency is key. We have experience in providing solutions that benefit both people and products. No one wants to send or receive damp or ineffective packaging. Wet goods quickly become damaged goods; and handling cold or rained-on products is potentially hazardous. By providing a canopy or loading bay your deliveries and orders remain in perfect condition during every part of the transit process.


An increasingly popular reason for Smart-Space canopies and loading bays is to improve workflow. Our clients might have different stages of their work processes between taking a delivery and sending it out again. They might receive parts to be used in production so ‘goods in’ might be at one end of the building and ‘goods out’ at the other. We regularly build incredibly useful connecting tunnels that allow covered and easy access between different work areas. In considering your organisation’s circular workflow there could well be some improvements we can help you with – from covered loading bays; warehouse storage; covered, connecting spaces through to dispatch bays.

A clean and tidy site

With extremely high health and safety standards playing a key role in British businesses, a clean and tidy site is essential. Protective canopies, organised storage areas and dedicated loading bays all contribute towards a site that looks and feels professional and efficient.

“We have found the loading bay invaluable for our side loading vehicles” explained Martin Bullimore, Head of Logistics at Avon Freight (see main image). “To operate most profitably means to fill the lorries to maximum capacity safely and that is done most effectively from the side access as we can load more efficiently.  Being undercover is also a great bonus as it keeps both our stocks and people dry.”

At Smart-Space we have been providing a range of canopy and loading bay solutions for decades. Our experience leads us to create individual solutions, either on a temporary or permanent basis. We can relocate buildings and even extend them if needed. Our customers often hire from us, switching to purchase when it makes financial sense and they’ve found that the short-term solution has become something they rely on. Equally, with no footings or foundations required, our buildings are quick to erect and just as simple to dismantle. We can supply very short-term solutions when needed, sometimes just for a few weeks or months.

If you have a need to get your assets undercover with the potential for better workflow and improved care of your people, talk to us – it’s what we do!

Simply give us a call on 01827 330000 or complete our Contact Form and one of our friendly, professional and experienced team will get back to you within 24 hours.

Jason Lynock
Jason Lynock Sales Director


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