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Smart Space Building Types Compared

Here we compare the pros and cons of each of our buildings to help you choose the right one for you.

How To Choose The Best Building To Match Your Application And Time-Frame

Temporary Buildings

For 3 months – 3 years of use or when insulation is not required

Interim (Semi-Permanent) Buildings

For 3 – 7 years of use

Steel (Permanent) Buildings

For over 3 years of use or when insulation is required


They are fast to erect and fast to dismantle.

They are still relatively fast to erect and fast to dismantle.

Takes much longer to obtain permissions from local authorities than a temporary building.


Available as a stock item in a huge variety of sizes for hire.

Supplied on pre-determined hire agreements and supplied brand new for sale with buy-back options.

Supplied brand new for sale only. Not available for hire.

Added Costs

Expensive to heat and cool. Potential for on-going maintenance issues / costs (Electric roof inflation pumps). No Maintenance costs when hiring as it’s the responsibility of the company who supply it.

Cost-effective to heat and cool due to improved insulation. Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight. Additional groundwork costs unless you have a level concrete base.

Extremely cost-effective to heat and cool. Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight. Added costs of applying for all necessary permissions and new building warrant


You get very little insulation due to the PVC fabric roof. Expensive to heat and cool due to the frame design and PVC roof fabric.

The combination of steel roof and wall cladding adds to the overall stability. The steel roof cladding provides improved security.

As secure as any other conventional building.


Can be secured to literally any ground surface (using either bolts or spikes). Will even stand on sloping or uneven ground due to the flexibility of the PVC roof system

There are no footings required

Requires a level concrete pad or base (Or a level tarmac base)

It will only take a few minutes to complete
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