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Here's how you benefit from 30 years of construction industry know-how

After more than 30 years in the relocatable buildings business I can confidently predict your project will benefit from every minute of our experience.
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British Based

I am immensley proud to run a business which is associated with a carefully selected group of suppliers who – like us – are BRITISH based.  Let’s face it; buying British is a nice sentiment. But I know you've got a job to do: get a building in place, as quickly as possible, for the right price. Some may even say “Who cares where it comes from?”

And we understand that. Business is business, after all. But that's why buying British in this case is a huge advantage for you.

UK Supply Chain

Because our supply chain is in the UK, this means we often deliver and install in days. Frankly, none of our competitors can promise this.

Select British Suppliers

What's more, I am immensley proud to run a business which is associated with a carefully selected group of British suppliers who make our delivery times and 100% reliable service, possible.  I really do take pride in contributing to the ongoing and future employment of our supply chain staff – and that's not just talk: take a look at their pictures below.

With continuing competition from overseas companies, who export their buildings and import your money, we are working harder than ever to prove it actually really does pay to BUY BRITISH.

Fast and Reliable

It's good to be patriotic. But it's even better when you have a reason to be. And I genuinely believe no other company can install and deliver as quickly OR as reliably as us ‐ and do it as well as us.
That’s our collective aim anyway, and I sincerely hope we get the chance to help you and to prove
that yes; it really does pay to buy British!

PS – The larger Aluminium profiles used on our temporary buildings with spanning more than 15metres are supplied exclusively by our Catalunian Partner company Vall Estructures.
We have a very close working relationship with Vall Estructures which ensures a seemless supply chain.

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