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Vehicle valeting bays

Vehicle valeting bays

Car, motor, and other vehicle valeting and smart repair bays

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Short and long term valeting bay solutions, quickly installed on the most flexible terms

Long or Short Term Car Bay Solutions

Whether a start up or and expanding business a temporary building for smart repairs and valeting can get you up and running whilst waiting for completion of a new build.

A longer-term steel building solution would be designed to look, perform and last just like a conventional building, but at a fraction of the cost or time taken to construct.

You can specify your smart-repair/valeting building to have as many individual bays as you need.

Entire Process Handled by Our Own Workforce

  1. Initial local authority permission
  2. Build
  3. Handover of the facility
  • Our solutions remove all the hassle, uncertainty and hidden costs because the entire process from initial local authority permissions through to final handover of the facility is handled by our own workforce.
  • So, once you’ve agreed the final specification and costs, you can relax and let us do the rest; without you having to have the stress of day-to-day management of the project - guarenteed.
  • We’ve got a proven track-record of successful installations and projects, each one being handled entirely in-house, and guarenteed to save time and money for you.


Compare Our Buildings Features

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The following features are available on our temporary buildings or industrial tents



You can quickly and easily extend your existing space or create an entirely new Valeting Building on any available or unused space on your site.

Comfort and Protection

Comfort and Protection

Smart-Space Valeting Buildings are available with either budget, un-insulated roof covers and wall cladding or air-insulated anti-condensation roofs and 40mm insulated wall cladding.

Short Construction Timescales

Short Construction Timescales

You could be up and running within 7 - 28 days of ordering.

Supplied Documents Pack

Supplied Documents Pack

We will provide you with layout drawings and any necessary documentation for planning if required.

6 Key reasons to choose Smart-Space as your supplier

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Six Simple Questions to Choose Your Building

Will people work in the building?

What do you want the building for?

Is heating or cooling required?

How long do you want it for?

Does it need to be relocatable?

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