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Clear span buildings

Clear span buildings

Our Maxi-Space is the choice when you need a big single clear span building

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With eaves heights of up to 12m and spans up to 60m, Maxi-Space is the fastest and most cost-effective way to maximise volume.

These massive single clear span buildings are the best choice when you need to maximise volume in a single clear span. They are a highly affordable, high quality option when compared to anything else of its size. The buildings meet BS6399 British Standard for wind and snow loading. 

Supplied in a variety of options including thermo insulted twin skin inflatable PVC roof or 0.7 – 120 mm steel roofs. If you need volume this is the way to go.

They are available for purchase only, but we can help with a lease purchase option.

  • A wide, tall building that is sturdy, open and full of light
  • Up to 60m wide of clear space without any internal columns
  • Flexible use to accommodate larger equipment and higher storage capability

Building Options

The following options are available on this building

  • Heavy structural floor
  • Integral floor
  • Single layer PVC roof
  • Twin-layer (air insulated) PVC roof 
  • 0.7mm - 120mm insulated steel roof
  • 0.7mm - 120mm insulated steel wall cladding
  • Pedestrian access door
  • Manual roller door
  • Electric roller door
  • Double glazed window panels
  • 6ft twin tube fluorescent lights
  • 400w sodium spotlights
  • 200w led lights
  • Internal partitions
  • Internal office doors

Cost Considerations

Our Maxi-Space buildings are supplied brand new for sale only.

  • Extremely cost-effective to heat and cool due to insulation values which can be specified to meet Part L2 standards for energy and efficiency ratings 
  • Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight giving minimum 10% coverage 
  • Easily financed through bank or asset finance lending

  • Will appreciate with the ground it’s erected on like any other traditional building 
  • Manufacturers cladding warranties available for up to 35 years
  • Not available for hire
  • More costly to be relocated than temporary or interim buildings
  • More expensive to install due to working at height regulations
  • Requires a level concrete base
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