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Decontamination processing temporary building

Temporary Building For Chemical Manufacturer
2014-02-27 14:17:00 2019-06-17 15:25:52
temporary-decontamination-building-tpino1-1-4 Manufacturing Process Temporary Building

This relocatable temporary building measuring 15mtr x 20mtr x 5mtr was supplied to enable this leading chemicals company to house a specialist machine involved in their processes.

The building was supplied with wall cladding which does not seal to the base because the entire reason for having the building is to keep the process machine covered from the elements, whilst enabling their staff to hose down the area and for the water to escape to their drainage system.

These images were taken as the building was signed off by our Site manager, and shows the temporary seal to the base, which created a temporarily dry area so the client could paint the base with the specialist covering which is required as part of the process. The idea being, once the internal base was coated, the temporary seal to the base would be removed to leave the bottom of the wall cladding exposed to enable the water to escape.

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Building options available

Here we outline the building options available on this type of building

  • 38mm insulated sandwich panel
  • Thermo-insulated roof

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