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Amey Rail temporary re-locatable workshop

This is a Temporary Re-locatable Locomotive Workshop. Eventually it will be be re-located to another of the clients sites. We provided both the building and the flexibility they needed
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temporary-rail-workshop-tpar-01 Amey Rail temporary re-locatable workshop

Project Outline

We were approached by Amey Rail to supply a temporary building to serve as a temporary Locomotive workshop for the Swindon High Output Operation Base (HOOB).

We supplied a second, smaller temporary building which will serve as a storage area which will be fitted with racking to store the supply of materials and equipment.

Building Details

Buildings Supplied: Temporary
Maintenance Workshop: 10m x 50m x 6m Air-Insulated
Maintenance Stores: 5m x 15m x 6m Air-Insulated

Temporary Locomotive Workshop

The client decided to purchase our re-locatable temporary buildings because they have plans to use them on the Swindon site for two years, when it is planned to move them on to another site.

This is a prime example of when it’s best to use a temporary building, as the client are actually using it as it was designed, i.e; to be moved from site to site.

Maintenance Stores

So likewise, if you have an application where you know there’s a specific time-frame in mind, and you will want to have the temporary building re-located at some point in the future, this is the type of temporary building we recommend.

Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Building options available

Here we outline the building options available on this type of building

  • Thermo-insulated roof
  • 38mm insulated sandwich panel
  • Electric roller door

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