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Car dealership showroom for Richmond Cars Portsmouth

This permanent steel car dealership showroom is one of three buildings Smart-Space supplies to the Richmond Cars Group - Europe's No 1 Hyundai Dealer.
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dealership-showroom-sthy-03 Car dealership showroom for Richmond Cars Portsmouth

Three Buildings For Richmond Cars, Portsmouth

We were contacted originally by Gary Taw on behalf of Portsmouth Hyundai because they had big plans for expansion and redevelopment.

And throughout the process of their redevelopment, they have used both our temporary buildings and permanent buildings.

Citroen BuildingSteel Showroom Building

First, they introduced the Citroen brand on to their existing Hyundai site, so they needed a new cost-effective yet attractive looking showroom from which to sell the Citroen vehicles.

For this, they bought a Smart-Space 20m x 10m steel showroom pictured here

Then, the next phase of their development, was to redevelop the entire by building a brand new facility which will house both Hyundai and Citroen brands when completed.

To help through this redevelopment process, they have hired a Smart-Space temporary building, to house their main Hyundai brand sales, for an 8 month period, whilst their brand new facility is built.

This is the temporary showroom building they have hired whilst their new facility is built:

Hyundai Building Temporary Showroom Building
Hyundai Building Temporary Showroom Building

The final phase of their site redevelopment will be when the new Hyundai/Citroen dealership is built, the Citroen staff will move out of the Smart-Space steel building, and this will then become the sales are for Citroen commercial vehicles.

Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Building options available

Here we outline the building options available on this type of building

  • Heavy structural floor
  • Steel wall 80mm
  • Pedestrian access door
  • Double glazed window panels
  • 400w sodium spotlights

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