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100% of Survey Respondents would recommend us.
Client feedback is an essential part of any business operation. We thought you might be interested in what our customers said.
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In November 2016 we started to a web-based system of getting feedback from our customers. The chart here represents an aggregate of all our client’s responses across all our questions.

A Service Company

We pride ourselves on being a service-based company. Our commitment to you, our customers, does not stop upon supply of the building. Our service extends to providing continued support for the life of the building.


Client feedback is an essential part of our business operation. With this we can quickly and efficiently address any issues our customers may have from the feedback we get. We are extremely proud of the results and thought you might be interested to see our customers said.


The diagram to the left shows the overall rating we recovered on the following Scale:

  • Extremely Positive
  • Very Positive
  • Positive
  • Neither Positive or Negative
  • Negative
  • Very Negative
  • Extremely Negative

This chart together with the responses to individual questions published below are updated on a regular basis and reflect responses as they are submitted to us.

To Date we have received 0 Responses to this survey


Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Survey Question Results

The Chart labels are abridgements of the actual questions

1. How Professional were We

2. How Convenient to Use were We

3. How Well We Understood Your Needs

4. How Well We Addressed Your Needs

5. How Responsive to Your Questions

6. How Satisfied with Our Employees

7. How You Liked Our Company

8. How Likely Would You be to Recommend Us (on a scale of 0 to 10)


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