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Building rating survey

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Client feedback is an essential part of any business operation. We thought you might be interested in what our customers said.
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In May 2017 we started to get feedback from our customers on how they found our buildings. The chart to the left represents an aggregate of all our client’s responses across all our questions.

Three Types of Buildings

We provide 3 types of buildings to suite a wide variety of needs. We wanted to be sure the advice we gave stood the test of time. So, this survey is conducted 3-4 months after building installation. This allows for our clients to use and live with the building for a while.

It is our determination to offer you the very best choice of building to meet your needs and here we put it to the test.


Client feedback is an essential part of our business operation. With this we can quickly and efficiently address any issues our customers may have from the feedback we get. We are extremely proud of the results and thought you might be interested to see our customers said.


The diagram to the left shows the overall rating we recovered on the following Scale:

  • Extremely Positive
  • Very Positive
  • Positive
  • Neither Positive or Negative
  • Negative
  • Very Negative
  • Extremely Negative

This chart together with the responses to individual questions published below are updated on a regular basis and reflect responses as they are submitted to us.


Buildings Survey Summary

This Summary shows by default all of the responses we have to the Buildings Rating Survey. You may use the controls below if you want to look at the ratings by a classification.

Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Building Type

Building Use

Contract type

There are 0 Survey Responses in this view

1. How Helpful were our Construction Staff?

2. Living with the Building does it meet Expectations?

3. How Helpful was After Sales Support?

4. How Suitable was the building for Purpose?

5. Overall How well does the Building meet Expectations?

6. How Professional were our staff?

7. How Punctual was the Installation Process?


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