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Planning permission and regulations for temporary buildings

Key information for the compliant installation of your instant building
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We recommend that you download our free guide to planning permission for instant buildings.

It can be complex which is why we’ve put the guide together. It’s important to know that we have more than thirty years of experience, a knowledgeable team and the ability to manage any required planning on your behalf. We can make the process of installing a Smart-Space instant building as simple and painless as possible. It’s usually straightforward and most of our buildings can be installed without official planning permission. That said, it’s wise to be aware of the regulations and to understand how likely it will be for your building to need planning consent.

Important note - if you are using the building for commercial or industrial purposes continuously for less than 28 days you won’t need planning permission.

In the first instance we will attend a free site visit to assess and advise you on the best place to position your building - based on over thirty decades of experience.

If required, planning permission takes several weeks and it’s important to get it right from the outset. By planning thoroughly and providing all the information correctly we can help you get to the approval stage quickly and efficiently.

We are here to help...

Before you do anything else, familiarise yourself with


You can apply for this if you would like to get legal confirmation from your council to prove that your proposal does not require planning permission. The requirements of this are similar to a planning application but the range of issues that are entitled to be raised by the council is much reduced. If you have a clear site with few or no issues (such as flood risk, natural habitats or pollutants) the process is much simpler. If the proposed site impacts on parking or vehicular access it is far more likely to need planning permission.
Lawful Development Certification Rules

Your planning options:

Planning permission
This can take between 8 and 13 weeks to be processed. If the correct information isn’t provided, supporting information isn’t included or further information is requested, it can extend the time it takes. We can help you get all the reports and details you need from the outset.

Retrospective planning
This is where you calculate your risk and opt to apply for planning permission during or after the build is completed. If your proposed installation is a fairly safe bet, based on professional opinion, it is sometimes worth considering.

No planning permission
Again, this is entirely at your risk. Sometimes customers choose to do this as the period of time the building is needed for will outrun any council intervention. You may also believe that you have a building that meets all the permitted development criteria and decide not to apply.

How we can help with your planning permission application.

Our Projects Team is experienced and able to manage your planning permission process. We will follow a process to ensure that every aspect is meticulously assessed and supported:

  • Initial site visit
  • Advice on most appropriate location
  • Measurements and detailed drawings
  • Supporting reports (such as environmental, flooding)
  • Drainage considerations
  • Any feasibility assessments on legacy site constraints (such as mining)
  • Production of a Planning Statement
  • Lodge your application with the appropriate council

Changing costs
As the cost of your planning application depends on a number of criteria it is best to check the online Planning Portal Fee Calculator for the most up-to-date costs levied by your local authority:
Calculate your planning fee

The Smart-Space team
Headed up by Andy Freeman, Senior Projects Manager, you will be guided through each stage of the process and kept informed. Supported by Jason Lynock (Sales Director) and Russell Slater (Operations Manager), the team will work together to deliver the building you need as quickly and compliantly as possible.



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