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Permanent steel framed buildings

Permanent steel framed buildings

Steel buildings with steel frame – mezzanine floor options

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Steel framed buildings are fast to erect, meet UK part L-2 building regulations and any fire rating requirement. To buy or lease purchase.
steel-buildings Permanent steel frame buildings are bespoke designed to order

These steel framed buildings are bespoke designed and supplied brand new, with up to 120mm steel wall cladding.  The framework is section steel with steel sheet roof and wall cladding available up to 120mm gauge to meet latest UK Part L-2 Building regulations.

Almost as fast to install as temporary or interim buildings but designed to meet all building regulations and any fire rating requirements. Mezzanine floors can be installed in these buildings

They are available to buy only, but we can help with a lease purchase option.

  • Totally maintenance-free
  • 100% watertight
  • Very low base cost due to lightweight design of the building system.
  • Very low capital cost compared to a conventional industrial/commercial building.
  • As secure as any other conventional building
  • Can be specified to meet latest Part L2 Building Regulations (conservation of fuel and power)
  • Clear roof-light panels supplied for natural daylight to minimise lighting requirements
  • Parts and cladding warranties of up to 35 years
  • Fabricated to your exact size requirements up to 25mtr clear span and 8mtr side heights
  • Complies with all insurance requirements
  • Complies with all Building Control Regulations
  • Can be financed through mortgage or capital loan as an asset (because it's not demountable)
  • Adds to the overall asset value of the property like any other conventional building.

Building Options

The following options are available on this building

  • Must stand on a concrete floor
  • Sports flooring
  • Steel roof 120mm
  • Steel roof 100mm
  • Steel roof 80mm
  • Steel roof 40mm
  • Steel wall 120mm
  • Steel wall 100mm
  • Steel wall 80mm
  • Steel wall 60mm
  • Steel wall 40mm
  • Steel wall 0.7mm with anti-condensation barrier
  • Pedestrian access door
  • Manual roller door
  • Electric roller door
  • Forklift truck fast access doors
  • Forklift truck access curtains
  • Double glazed window panels
  • 6' twin tube fluorescent lights
  • 400w sodium spotlights
  • Hilux long-life lamps
  • Skylights
  • Internal partitions
  • Internal office doors
  • Louve panels for airflow
  • Mezzanine decks
  • Full colour range

Cost Considerations

Our permanent steel buildings are supplied brand new for sale only.

  • Extremely cost-effective to heat and cool due to insulation values which can be specified to meet Part L2 standards for energy and efficiency ratings 
  • Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight giving minimum 10% coverage 
  • Easily financed through bank or asset finance lending

  • Will appreciate with the ground it’s erected on like any other traditional building 
  • Manufacturers cladding warranties available for up to 35 years
  • Not available for hire
  • Cannot be re-located as it’s a fixed system
  • More expensive to install due to working at height regulations
  • Requires a level concrete base

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