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Motor repair workshop

This motor dealership has now got a building which not only looks the part, but they've got one which meets all the latest building regulations.
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car-repair-valet-stmar-01 Motor repair workshop

Smart-Repair And Valeting Buildings When you need additional space for smart-repairs, or valeting do you realise how little it costs to get a 'proper' building...

Compared to the REAL cost of using cheap and nasty gazebos and tarpaulins....

We have recently completed this 4 bay building for an auto dealership who used to use a gazebo. But they realised, it's not only a false economy, it's actually dangerous too, to have a gazebo in the work place.

Not only will it blow away at the first sign of a puff of wind, it actually reflects really badly on your dealership too.

Imagine, you're the customer. And you find out your 'pride and joy' is being worked on under a gazebo. I bet you'd be the first to kick them in to touch and take your business elsewhere?

Yet, for less than you would think, the dealership have now got a building which not only looks the part, but they've got one which meets all the latest building regulations.

Which means not only does it enhance their property, but their insurers are happy, and their staff can work safely too...

More than that though, they've bought an asset. Because with a warranty of 35 years, this building will still be going strong, long after the current owner has moved on, and retired into the sunset...

So the question is, What do you want?

A tent that might solve your problem, until it blows away, maybe damages a customer's car, or worse; injures a member of your staff....

Or a proper building which will solve your problem - safely - and earn you a profit too.

If it's the latter, give us a call and we'll quote you without obligation, on a building in any size you need in any colour or specification you want.

Call Jason now on 07971 542357 and he'll sort it out for you, No problem.

And remember, if you want to have a look at the real thing, you're always welcome to pop to our place just 5 minutes off Junction 10 of the M42 - any time you like and have a look at our display centre, without obligation.

The coffee's always on.

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