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Insulated workshop buildings

Insulated workshop buildings

Interim use, insulated workshops for cars, vehicles, and other uses

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Our insulated temporary workshop buildings are ideal for where people work or when heating or cooling is required

When you want the flexibility of a temporary workshop building with the features of a permanent one a Smart-Space Interim Workshop Building might be the perfect choice to suit your needs. Compared to other temporary buildings with PVC fabric roofs, the interim building is significantly better insulated, which creates a more comfortable and professional working environment.

  • It’s made entirely of steel which is far more sustainable and environmentally friendly than aluminium.
  • Incredibly fast and cost-effective to erect and dismantle compared to other permanent buildings.
  • Almost unlimited side heights and span widths for literally any application.
  • Available as a Maxi-Space with side heights up to 12metres and spans of up to 60m.
  • Supplied with a choice of either PVC or steel roof cladding from 0.7m up to 120mm thick for building regulations compliance.
  • If supplied with PVC roof option, they may be erected on any hardstanding surface.
  • Much improved wind stability when compared with aluminium temporary buildings.
  • Easily repairable on-site whilst erected unlike aluminium buildings, steel buildings will bend and not break.
  • The weight-load capacities of the framework provide much improved capacities for internal fitouts such as air-lines, sprinkler systems and suspended ceilings.
  • Best used for production, manufacturing and sales facilities and other applications where people are inside as opposed to basic storage of products.
  • The framework is quickly and easily dismantled and can be re-used.
  • Can be installed within a boundary condition environment to prevent the spread of fire.
  • Local authority approved fire-ratings to minimise hassle and costs to insure.
  • Steel is better for your finances, better for the environment.  Steel is a far more sustainable and cost-effective choice than aluminium.


Cost Considerations

Interim Buildings are relocatable and offer savings in heating or cooling.

Advantages when buying:

  • Extremely cost-effective to heat and cool due to insulation values which can be specified to meet Part L2 standards for energy and efficiency ratings 
  • Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight giving minimum 10% coverage 
  • Steel roof option will appreciate with the ground it’s erected on like any other traditional building
  • Framework retains good re-sale values should you ever wish to sell
  • Easily financed through bank or asset finance lending

Advantages when hiring:

  • No capital outlay ahead of installation
  • Cost-effective to heat and cool due to improved insulation
  • Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight
  • Tax deductible as plant hire to reduce profits and corporation tax
The following considerations need to be born in mind: 

Whether Hiring or Buying:

  • They depreciate over time with PVC roof option
  • More costly to be relocated than temporary buildings
  • Steel sheet roof cladding option cannot be re-used once installed 
  • More expensive than a temporary building to install due to working at height regulations 
  • Requires a level concrete base

Building Options

The following options are available on this building

  • Heavy structural floor
  • Integral floor
  • Single layer PVC roof
  • Twin-layer (air insulated) PVC roof 
  • 0.7mm - 120mm insulated steel roof
  • 0.7mm - 120mm insulated steel wall cladding
  • Pedestrian access door
  • Manual roller door
  • Electric roller door
  • Double glazed window panels
  • 6ft twin tube fluorescent lights
  • 400w sodium spotlights
  • 200w led lights
  • Internal partitions
  • Internal office doors
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