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Steel Car Valeting and Smart Repair Building Solutions

Steel Car Valeting and Smart Repair Building Solutions

You can specify your valeting/smart repair building to literally any size and specification you need. Whether you want a single bay building or a multiple bay unit with wet and dry valeting facilities within separate areas, we will design and build the unit you want to your exact dimensions and specification, whatever your requirements. And if you have a level concrete base with a minimum thickness of 150mm, there is no need for any footings or foundations, so your building can bolt straight to your existing surface.
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car-repair-valet-stmar-01 Steel Car Valeting and Smart Repair Building Solutions



  • Totally maintenance-free
  • 100% watertight
  • Very low base cost due to lightweight design of the building system.
  • Very low capital cost compared to a conventional industrial/commercial building.
  • As secure as any other conventional building
  • Can be specified to meet latest Part L2 Building Regulations (conservation of fuel and power)
  • Clear roof-light panels supplied for natural daylight to minimise lighting requirements
  • Parts and cladding warranties of up to 35 years
  • Fabricated to your exact size requirements up to 25mtr clear span and 8mtr side heights
  • Complies with all insurance requirements
  • Complies with all Building Control Regulations
  • Can be financed through mortgage or capital loan as an asset (because it's not demountable)
  • Adds to the overall asset value of the property like any other conventional building.


  • Requires far more detailed project planning and project management than a temporary building
  • Requires a level concrete pad or base (Or a level tarmac base)
  • Takes much longer to obtain permissions from local authorities than a temporary building
  • Added costs of applying for all necessary permissions and new building warrant
  • May well (depending upon size) be subject to CDM regulations (which incurs additional costs)

Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Cost Considerations

Our permanent steel buildings are supplied brand new for sale only.

Financial Advantages

Advantages when buying:

  • Extremely cost-effective to heat and cool due to insulation values which can meet Part L2 standards
  • Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight
  • Easily financed through bank or asset finance lending
  • Will appreciate with the ground it’s erected on like any other traditional building
  • Manufacturers cladding warranties available for up to 35 years


A detailed look at the specification and customisation options on our permanent steel buildings.
  • Not available for hire
  • Cannot be re-located as it’s a fixed system
  • More expensive than a temporary building to install due to working at height regulations
  • Requires a level concrete base

Building Options Available

Here we outline the building options available on this type of building



  • Must stand on a concrete floor
  • Sports flooring
Steel Roof

Steel Roof

  • Steel roof 120mm
  • Steel roof 100mm
  • Steel roof 80mm
  • Steel roof 40mm


  • Steel wall 120mm
  • Steel wall 100mm
  • Steel wall 80mm
  • Steel wall 60mm
  • Steel wall 40mm
  • Steel wall 0.7mm with anti-condensation barrier


  • Pedestrian access door
  • Manual roller door
  • Electric roller door
  • Forklift truck fast access doors
  • Forklift truck access curtains


  • Double glazed window panels


  • 6' twin tube fluorescent lights
  • 400w sodium spotlights
  • Hilux long-life lamps
  • Skylights


  • Internal partitions
  • Internal office doors
  • Louve panels for airflow
  • Mezzanine decks
  • Full colour range

Case Studies by Application

A sample of our case studies relevant to the page you are on

Here are some Case Studies for Permanent Steel Buildings