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Loading bay extension - parcel company

A loading bay extension with the bays lined up to the doors on their existing building giving unhindered access for vehicles to reverse up to.
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loading-bay-tplb-375-01 Loading bay extension - parcel company

The Impossible in 21 Days??

Frankly, you might think so.

But in 21 days flat The Alternative Parcels Company went from order to installation of a new 11850 Sq Ft Loading Bay Extension at one of their hubs - and here it is.

Bay Size Spacings Fabricated To Give Unhindered Access For Vehicles

Could the conventional building approach have done this?

Absolutely not.

Would they have been better off hanging around for months and months whilst the 'civils' surveying and construction companies all got their act together?

Does it look just as good? I'll let you be the judge. In fact, you can come and see some of our buildings whenever you like.

You'll see that we supplied it without any wall coverings, which changes the calculations for the wind-loading…

So we used oversized chemical fixing anchors for the foot-plates of the building, to compensate for the increased wind up-lift.

Crash barriers were also fitted to the uprights along the one length, to protect the building in the event of collision.

The building is 55mtr x 20mtr, and one interesting feature is that we fabricated the bays to line up with the doors on their existing building, to give unhindered access for vehicles to reverse up to.

If you think this kind of arrangement could improve your operation and increase productivity, give us a call.

Let's talk through what's possible and see that we can come up with for you.

No obligation - but it could save you a lot of time, worry - and lead to a quick, cost-effective even imaginative solution.

Look forward to hearing from you soon.

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