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Rapid build loading bay solves warehouse space dilemma

Gearing Up for Growth – New Rapid Build Loading Bay Facilities Help Mitchell Powersystems Solve the Warehouse Space Dilemma.
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steel-loading-bay-stmitch-03 Rapid build loading bay solves warehouse space dilemma

Warehouse Space Freed Up WIth New Rapid Build Loading Bay Background

Business models and practices change over time and companies often find themselves needing to work within legacy buildings that don’t match current needs. Commercial diesel power and transmission distributor, Mitchell Powersystems, overcame these problems by calling in rapid building specialist, Smart-Space, to provide more loading bay facilities and so liberate valuable warehouse space at their Sutton-in-Ashfield centralised distribution site.


Smart-Space have provided the company with a 20 by 25 metres open-ended covered loading bay to the existing warehouse. This is a light weight, permanent steel structure clad in ocean blue panels to match the existing building. This allows vehicles to be loaded and unloaded under cover, adds more outdoor storage and, importantly, also releases space within the main facility for more efficient storage and stock management.

Customer Comments

Mitchell’s logistics manager, Gene Laker, explained, “Prompt delivery is a priority for our customers and we decided that we could provide a better service to them with a centralised distribution hub rather than a network of regional depots. One of our existing buildings met most of our needs, but lacked adequate space for orders to be collated and for sheltered vehicle loading and unloading. Footings were already in place for an extension, but we feared that conventional construction would be costly, time consuming and highly disruptive.”

Gene Laker noted, “The installation went very well, the guys worked really hard to get it completed with little disruption to our operation. On-site time was less than one month. We are very pleased with the result.”

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