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Factory extension building - fast permanent building installation

Shimizu wanted to extend their existing factory building - this is how we gave them a permanent steel building extension in just 56 days from first call.
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factory-extension-stshim-05 Factory extension building - fast permanent building installation

19000 Square Foot Factory Extension In Just 56 Days From First Inquiry To Final Handover

When Shimizu, a Japanese motor component manufacturer were looking to consolidate, they decided to invest in a 19000 square foot building extension to their existing factory, as opposed to renewing the lease on a building they had rented in a town, 15 miles away.

Timing was critical though, because with the lease ending, and with them not wanting to sign an extension to their lease, they not only needed a rapid solution, but one which would stand the test of time too.

Which is why they opted for a bespoke permanent extension from our construction division.

Interestingly, they originally inquired about our re-locatable temporary buildings because timing was critical and speed, of the essence, but we were able to supply them with a permanent extension in the same time-frame, which gave them the best all round solution.

Due to the sheer span of the extension - 45 metres - we supplied the extension with internal hot rolled columns to provide the strength for the overall span, and were able to 'flash' the new extension to their existing building to create a direct link from one to the other.

The entire process (excluding the base) took just 56 days from 1st call to final handover, which was a feat, even by our standards!

Building Dimensions: 40mtr x 25mtr x 5mtr side height

Cladding: To building regulation L2 standard (at date)incorporating 60mm wall cladding and 80mm roof cladding

Access: 2 x 4mtr x 5mtr 3phase electric roller shutter doors with 5 x lockable personnel doors

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Building Options Available

Here we outline the building options available on this type of building

  • Steel roof 80mm
  • Steel wall 60mm
  • Electric roller door


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