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Steel warehouse building in 9 days

Steel warehouse building in 9 days

6300 sq ft Building Complete in just 9 days
2012-03-08 00:29:00 2020-12-23 02:51:05

Whether you prefer to call it 'austerity', 'belt-tightening' or 'efficiency savings', the reality is; we're all looking to save time and money - now - more than ever.

Which is why more and more people tell me they are investing in our latest range of permanent steel buildings.

As opposed to the far more costly and time-consuming 'old-fashioned' hot-rolled steel buildings, construction companies use to build with..

insulated roof and wall cladding

For instance, look at the one above, which I wrote about a couple weeks back - which we built on the company's car-park, in Daventry - in just nine days from start to finish..

Safety Netting and edge protection Edge protection and safety netting fitted
ready for installation of roof cladding
insulated roof and wall cladding Insulated roof and wall cladding with 
skylights to reduce the need for lighting..
Completed 6300 sq ft buildings Completed 6300sq ft building 
with forest green cladding
Complete in 9 days Installed on to a prepared concrete base
(which was a car-park) in nine days

Maybe you don't need a new 6300sq ft warehouse like the one above. The design is so versatile, there's really no limit to the size - or application - whether it's small or large.

And it needn't be a stand alone building either, because we can easily extend an existing building if that's what you're looking for.

Whatever the size or application, if you want some advice and an estimate of cost, give Jason a call on 01827 330000 and he'll do his very best for you.

An estimate takes minutes, and won't cost you a penny, so what have you got to lose..

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