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building revealed

building revealed

Inside the building…
2013-11-12 00:50:00 2017-09-01 11:41:16

I can!

Remember I wrote about a temporary building we installed just 7 days after receiving the order?

fast temporary building 7.5mtr x 5mtr x 5.4mtr At 
Gusbourne Estate

The one above, when I said I couldn’t reveal what was going on behind the door?

wine-press-building-tpgus-290-04 Ben Walgate From The Award Winning 
Gusbourne Estate

Well, I’m delighted to say I can now reveal behind that door is a new grape press which is currently being used in the production of a ‘bumper’ crop at an award winning BRITISH winery in Kent!

wine-press-buiding-tpgus-300-05 Ben Walgate And I With A Bottle 
Of Gusbourne Estate

You see, due to the enthusiastic response I got to the original email I sent you, I approached Ben Walgate of Gusbourne Estate to ask for his permission to reveal just what was going on behind that door.

And I’m delighted to tell you, as well as agreeing to raise the door to reveal what’s going on, like me; being keen to promote British business, he has very kindly agreed to allow me to use their wine as part of a promotion I want to offer you, in the run up to Christmas!

So here’s the deal : If you place a new order with us between now and December 31st 2013, I will send you a 6-bottle case of this distinctive, delicious (award winning) English sparkling wine.

I can’t tell you how excited I am personally, to be able to make an offer like this, not least because it’s promoting everything that’s great about British business; but it’s a truly magnificent product too.

It goes without saying, you won’t find wines from Gusbourne Estate in the ‘Buy one get one free’ aisle of your local supermarket, and you certainly won’t find it amongst the 50% off ‘pile em high and sell em cheap’ deals either.

This is definitely something to be savoured and celebrated at a special time, or for a special occasion.

In fact, the growing list of awards being won by the team at Gusbourne Estate is growing impressively, with the latest being IWSC trophy and DWWA Silver for the Brut Reserve 2008.

So not only can you get a British-made temporary, semi-permanent or permanent building installed for literally any commercial or industrial application you need.

You can celebrate Christmas early, with not one but SIX bottles of this delightful English Sparkling wine.

The offer is open for you until December 31st 2013, which doesn’t mean you have to have a building installed by that time….Just the order placed.

And I will send you a 6-bottle case of this fantastic English Sparkling wine to celebrate the occasion!

And you can taste it for yourself when I’m sure you’ll agree; British can be best.

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