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Choose the right building

Choose the right building

Can you believe it's a temporary building?
2014-01-21 00:53:00 2017-09-01 09:46:12

When you think of the term temporary building, do you picture a ‘temporary’ building like this?


I’m guessing your first thoughts are probably, no; that’s not a temporary building?

But actually, it is….Temporary if you class three years as temporary, that is.


And that’s the biggest challenge with the term temporary building.

Because one person’s interpretation of temporary is probably different to yours, I imagine?

So when this car dealership approached us for a temporary showroom for a three year period, this is what we came up with.

A ‘temporary’ showroom complete with insulated steel roof, wall cladding and double-glazed windows.

Let’s face it, when you’re displaying a luxury brand vehicle and you’ve got the place full of admin< staff, there’s a certain standard you need to achieve.

And that’s what we’ve just done for this dealership.

And most importantly, it’s why we have three types of ‘temporary’ buildings.

Because there isn’t one specification which is suitable for every application and time-frame.

A storage shed for three months in Wales is never going to be suitable as a car showroom for three years in London.

Which is why our No.1 aim is always: “To provide the best type of building to match your time-frame, application and budget”.

And if the anticipated growth in 2014 is going to actually materialise, it may well be this is the year when you find yourself looking for additional space?

If it is, and you talk to us; you can rest assured, we’ll offer you the best building for the job, not the only ones we’ve got.

Fair enough?

I hope so and look forward to hearing from you.

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