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Client testimonials

Just some of the very positive pieces of feedback we receive
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production-showroom-building-stlux001-9 Client testimonials

On this page we summarise some of the testimonials we have received from clients. We are most thankful to both the individuals and companies who have let us use their endorsements in this way.

We also seek confidential feedback from all our clients as a means of improving our service, and again we thank all those who have responded to our feedback surveys with positive recommendations on how we might improve. You may be assured we do take notice. There are two surveys we send to clients.

Customer Service Survey

This is generally sent 2-6 weeks after contract completion and while the experience of our service is still fresh in the minds of the end user. We started collecting this as web data in November 2016.

Building Rating Survey

In May 2017 we started gathering web-based data on what people thought about the building they got. This survey is sent 3-4 month after installation, once the end user has had time to live with the building and assess its suitability.

Survey Data Results

The outcomes of survey data are anonymously aggregated and displayed in the two Survey Rating Blocks at the top right of the page if viewed on a lager device of below on mobile or similar devices. Both link to more detailed reporting of the results.

So, if you want a proven buildings supplier you need look no further.

Client Testimonials

Just some of the very positive pieces of feedback we receive

Temporary Building Testimonials

Interim Building Testimonials

Permanent Building Testimonials

Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Dealership building for Kia Motors

"...some 18 months later, we are happy.. a water tight, heated building which yes, was always planned as temporary, but looks as good as permanent can be."
Dealership building for Kia Motors

Ian Wilson, National Franchise Manager
Kia Motors

Warehouse for Acela

"Smart-Space took time to understand our requirements... delivered the warehouse on time and on budget."

B Panahay
Acela, Scotland

Motor repair workshops and valet bays

"The performance of Smart-Space operatives on site was efficient and any problems were dealt with effectively."

D Gilbert

Contract Bottling temporary on-site storage

"It looks good and will be very useful, hopefully saving £1 per pallet storage."

Keith Ward
Contract Bottling

UYS loading bay extension

"All in all the building looks great, your teams were very professional and provided a great service throughout the whole process from start to finish."
UYS loading bay extension

Brian Renwick, Senior PMC and Purchasing Manager
UYS Cowley

Canopy extension for loading bay

"I'd like to take this opportunity to say how impressed we have been with the services you have provided us from the planning stage... to installation."

Canopy Extension
Canopy Extension for Loading Bay

Caffyns Ford valeting bay

"I am delighted to report that the new structure has exceeded our expectations and your installation team were a credit to your company"
Caffyns Ford valeting bay

Allen Hubbard, General Manager
Caffyns Ford

EU Weatherford interim building

"I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one of your temporary buildings and your team to my contacts."
EU Weatherford interim building

Rob Jenkins
EU Weatherford

Kingsbury School sports hall

"Again our thanks for a job well done, creating a facility which will benefit both our local community and more importantly our school students"
Kingsbury School sports hall

Simon Cotton, Head teacher
Kingsbury School

Chiltern Cold Sorage

"We are very grateful to Smart-Space for coming to our rescue with timely cost effective solutions to match our needs. Everyone from Smart-Space was very helpful and practical, got their sleeves rolled up and got on with the job."
Chiltern Cold Sorage

Chiltern Cold Storage

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