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Smart Space Terms and Conditions of Business

2016-02-19 00:34:00
Hire Terms

You’ll doubtless already have or are planning to get other quotes for hiring a temporary building.

If so, I’ll bet you’ve spotted one thing instantly: all the buildings look
pretty much the same.

So I guess you want the best possible deal. That's not easy, because
I bet you'll also find the prices you get are pretty similar too.

So that just leaves the terms of hire.

And that's where I believe Smart Space is different to any other option you’ll find.

And also why year after year, companies like Siemens,
Taylor Woodrow, Boots, Exxon Mobil, Bentley Motors, Jaguar,
Carillion and Lotus PLC keep hiring from us – time and time again.

So please check out our terms. You'll find they will make a big, big difference,
and give you a degree of flexibility unavailable from any other.



Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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