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Sports halls

Sports halls

Sports Facilities, Leisure Centres & Indoor Courts
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For a fast, cost-effective temporary or permanent sports facility solution, without any hassle or hidden costs UK wide.

For you, this is a single-contact total turnkey solution covering the entire project including:

  • specialist sports flooring
  • sports equipment
  • rebound boards
  • lighting and heating systems

Our sports halls are designed to meet specific sports requirements and are suitable for year-round use, UK-wide.

Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Options and Benefits

Entire Process Handled by Our Own Workforce

  1. Initial local authority permission
  2. Build
  3. Handover of the facility
  • Our solutions remove all the hassle, uncertainty and hidden costs because the entire process from initial local authority permissions through to final handover of the facility is handled by our own workforce.
  • So, once you’ve agreed the final specification and costs, you can relax and let us do the rest; without you having to have the stress of day-to-day management of the project - guarenteed.
  • We’ve got a proven track-record of successful installations and projects, each one being handled entirely in-house, and guarenteed to save time and money for you.

State-funded, independent or commercial? We’ve got you covered

Whichever organisation you represent, and whatever time-period you need to cover, we’ve got the building for you.

Whether it’s a few short months whilst refurbishment to an existing building takes place, or for a complete turn-key build and design project, you can do it. Quickly, cost-effectively and successfully.

Temporary Solutions

Our range of re-locatable buildings are perfectly suited for temporary periods when you need an alternative facility, and available for installation in as little as 7-21 days from order.

We hold considerable stocks of these modular buildings at our central Midland’s base which are available in a huge range of sizes to suit almost any application from 75m2 upwards, UK wide.

Consider one of our temporary buildings when:

  • You’ve got an up-coming refurbishment
  • Need a replacement or additional building - fast
  • Want the flexibility to rent month to month.
  • Want to avoid large capital outlays

Longer Term Solutions

However, if you have a longer-term or permanent requirement, our range of purpose-built halls cost you a fraction of brick-built alternatives. They are designed, supplied and built by our own directly employed installers so much faster than a traditional build, and for a fraction of the cost.

Consider one of our permanent steel buildings when:

  • You want a cost-effective solution to a traditional building
  • You want a long-term solution with warranties up to 35 years
  • You want to avoid the hassle and hidden costs of multiple contractors
  • You want to speed up the entire process
  • Guaranteed build times and no hidden costs
Solution Options

Solution Options


Short-term Temporary


Brand-new Purpose Built Turnkey

With a range of re-locatable and fixed buildings available, whether you want a short-term temporary solution, or a brand-new purpose built turnkey facility to last for years, you can do it!

Compare Our Buildings

Bespoke designed Permanent Steel Buildings to meet your requirements.



Designed for periods of up to 35 years with a very low capital cost compared to a traditional steel or brick and mortar Sports Facilities Building.

Comfort and Protection

Comfort and Protection

Smart-Space permanent steel buildings can be supplied with a full range of cladding options to meet latest Building Regulations L2A compliancy for energy efficiency.

Short Construction Timescales

Short Construction Timescales

Far faster to build than a traditional steel or brick and mortar building.

Supplied Documents Pack

Supplied Documents Pack

We will provide you with design and structural drawings along with all the necessary calculation packs to present to your local authority.

Case Studies for Sports Facilities

Any questions you may have

Six Simple Questions to Choose Your Building

Will people work in the building?

What do you want the building for?

Is heating or cooling required?

How long do you want it for?

Does it need to be relocatable?

Do you own the site?


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