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Emergency Buildings - Structures | Emergency Warehouses

Emergency Buildings - Structures | Emergency Warehouses

Emergency Buildings - Emergency Warehouses - Temporary Structures - Fast. The perfect contingency for continued trading.
2016-02-19 00:01:00
emergency-building Emergency Buildings - Structures | Emergency Warehouses

Emergency Temporary Buildings - FAST!

I sincerely hope you never have the need to pick up the phone and yell... FIRE!

"We need an emergency building - fast!"

But do you know what? According to government statistics, supported by industry bodies, there are some 2500 warehouse fires each year in the UK, and unless there's a contingency in place, it can reap havoc on your business.

For starters, there's the serious threat to your business continuity to consider, such as lost time replacing stock and specialist equipment, and worse; you may even have to defer customers whilst you find a suitable alternative....

Iknow it's not a nice subject, but it is important to remember, if you happen to become one of the unfortunate 2500, this is a contingency which will enable you to continue trading almost uninterrupted so it's well worth bearing us in mind.

Even if it means us leaving other installations to keep your business moving, I've found people to be very understanding of others plights in situations like this.

But let's hope it never happens eh? Let's hope if and when you do call us, it's for a planned project, not an unplanned emergency.

There's something else worth considering too: You see, when it comes to writing up your contingency plans, with rising insurance costs, it's probably well worth knowing the potential time frames and costs to have one of our buildings installed, so you can have it written in to your actual plan for insurance purposes.

In fact, it may even reduce your insurance premiums too?

Portable Venues (Group) Ltd

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Smart Space Temporary Buildings are available as a stock item in a huge variety of sizes for hire on the most flexible terms in the industry for your Emergency Uses



You can quickly and easily extend your existing space or create an entirely new Emergency Uses Building on any available or unused space on your site.

Comfort and Protection

Comfort and Protection

Smart Space Emergency Uses Buildings are available with either budget, un-insulated roof covers and wall cladding or air-insulated anti-condensation roofs and 40mm insulated wall cladding.

Short Construction Timescales

Short Construction Timescales

You could be up and running within 7 - 28 days of ordering.

Supplied Documents Pack

Supplied Documents Pack

We will provide you with layout drawings and any necessary documentation for planning if required.

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