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Steel educational buildings

Steel educational buildings

Permanent steel classrooms, teaching space and halls, for schools, colleges, and universities

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A far better alternative to modular portacabin style modular buildings for long term use

Smart-Space Permanent Steel Education and Schools Buildings are designed to meet your exact dimensions and specifications.



  • Totally maintenance-free
  • 100% watertight
  • Very low base cost due to lightweight design of the building system.
  • Very low capital cost compared to a conventional industrial/commercial building.
  • As secure as any other conventional building
  • Can be specified to meet latest Part L2 Building Regulations (conservation of fuel and power)
  • Clear roof-light panels supplied for natural daylight to minimise lighting requirements
  • Parts and cladding warranties of up to 35 years
  • Fabricated to your exact size requirements up to 25mtr clear span and 8mtr side heights
  • Complies with all insurance requirements
  • Complies with all Building Control Regulations
  • Can be financed through mortgage or capital loan as an asset (because it's not demountable)
  • Adds to the overall asset value of the property like any other conventional building.


  • Requires far more detailed project planning and project management than a temporary building
  • Requires a level concrete pad or base (Or a level tarmac base)
  • Takes much longer to obtain permissions from local authorities than a temporary building
  • Added costs of applying for all necessary permissions and new building warrant
  • May well (depending upon size) be subject to CDM regulations (which incurs additional costs)


Cost Considerations

Our permanent steel buildings are supplied brand new for sale only.

Financial Advantages

  • Extremely cost-effective to heat and cool due to insulation values which can be specified to meet Part L2 standards for energy and efficiency ratings 
  • Cost-effective lighting due to clear roof panels for natural daylight giving minimum 10% coverage 
  • Easily financed through bank or asset finance lending

  • Will appreciate with the ground it’s erected on like any other traditional building 
  • Manufacturers cladding warranties available for up to 35 years


  • Not available for hire
  • Cannot be re-located as it’s a fixed system
  • More expensive to install due to working at height regulations
  • Requires a level concrete base

Building Options

The following options are available on this building



  • Must stand on a concrete floor
  • Sports flooring
Steel Roof

Steel Roof

  • Steel roof 120mm
  • Steel roof 100mm
  • Steel roof 80mm
  • Steel roof 40mm


  • Steel wall 120mm
  • Steel wall 100mm
  • Steel wall 80mm
  • Steel wall 60mm
  • Steel wall 40mm
  • Steel wall 0.7mm with anti-condensation barrier


  • Pedestrian access door
  • Manual roller door
  • Electric roller door
  • Forklift truck fast access doors
  • Forklift truck access curtains


  • Double glazed window panels


  • 6' twin tube fluorescent lights
  • 400w sodium spotlights
  • Hilux long-life lamps
  • Skylights


  • Internal partitions
  • Internal office doors
  • Louve panels for airflow
  • Mezzanine decks
  • Full colour range

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