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Why buying British is more than flag waving

Why buying British is more than flag waving

We outline why buying British has clear benefits for your organisation
Buying British has loyal, practical and legal benefits
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buy-british Why buying British is more than flag waving

In the building sector, we believe buying British should be at the top of your agenda for many reasons, namely: local loyalty, practicality, legally and most importantly, on-going service and security.

Local loyalty

Buying British is the ideal way to support the local economy – its businesses and employees. It encourages home-grown talent and circulates money within the UK and means relationships are likely to be stronger through face-to-face meetings, supplier inspections and deliveries being made directly from the local warehouse or depot with familiar faces all round.

We know all of our suppliers well and most of them are Midlands based, just a few miles away. It means we can supply, deliver and install very quickly indeed. Our supply chain is carefully selected with some partnerships lasting more than 25 years - they also invested in buying British which means we all support each other and prioritise our UK projects.

Our suppliers can be seen in detail HERE but include:

Norton Industrial Doors (Birmingham)

Tamworth Steel Stockholders (Tamworth)

Rope Assemblies (Nottingham)

Midlands Fixings (Birmingham)

Coverworld (Chesterfield)

Steadmans (Cumbria)

RCT Manufacturing (Halesowen)

J&J Carter (Basingstoke)

Sapa Aluminium Bedwas (South Wales)


On a practical level, buying an instant building from us means that we hold stocks that can be used and replenished very quickly. Should your building need speedy maintenance then we can deliver direct from our head office stock so there’s no waiting. Also, let’s factor in the environmental impact of buying from abroad. We literally only buy one product from a very close European supplier as it’s not available here in the UK.


Did you know that if you invite a company who use sub contracted labour to your site that you are liable for each and every one of them? They become your responsibility as soon as they arrive. Smart-Space directly employs its installation crew so they have the benefit of working together as a seamless, experienced team but also so we are responsible for everyone’s health and safety. This means that by working with you we are taking care of everything and not adding to your workload.

We work to British Standards and our health and safety measures are stringently upheld, enabling us to work on some of the most exacting sites UK wide such as petro-chemical and nuclear plants.

“We went through the airport’s rigorous induction process. The team listened, understood, and did everything we asked of them. Packaging was immediately disposed of and they were incredibly tidy and respectful of the environment. The team got on with the job and completed it methodically, clearly showing lots of experience of working together. They moved from one job to the next efficiently and proactively and completed ahead of time”

[Leeds Bradford Airport]

On-going service and security

Most important of all… buying or hiring a temporary building is never a one-off transaction. It’s never a question of if you will need to call on your supplier to report damage or a maintenance visit – it’s WHEN.

And being wholly owned and based here in the UK ensures we can provide the on-going support which will inevitably be needed, whether it’s a week, a month, a year or even years down the line – you can be assured – we’re here to help.

Having been established since 1987, we have a very proud record of repeat business with many companies and individuals who have moved companies.

Unlike European companies who seemingly export their buildings and import your money without a thought to the future, you can rely on us to be here for the long-term – guaranteed. We’ve been established well over 30 years and intend to be here for the long-term.

Talk to us about buying British, it’s so much more than flying the flag.


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