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warehouse extension - 11 weeks

warehouse extension - 11 weeks

Warehouse Extension — how one company were up and running in 11 weeks
2013-03-10 00:38:00 2016-08-04 07:17:26

Do you want to see how you can go from this….

warehouse-extension-stlt-250-01Existing Factory Before Extension

to this ....

warehouse-extension-stlt-250-03 29mtr x 23mtr Extension Completed
warehouse-extension-stlt-250-02 Supplied with 100mm insulated 
cladding to L2 Regs

... in 11 weeks from order to completion, as this Norwich based company have just done

If you’ve been putting off extending your warehouse because of cost, you’ll kick yourself when you see just how quickly and cost-effecitvely it can be done, as these people did.

Just email me with the words TELL ME and I’ll send you more images and ‘the story’ by return.

It just shows what can be done when you’ve got the right team around you….

Look forward to telling you more

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