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Temporary buildings - materials

Temporary buildings - materials

We use quality materials for our buildings so they perform better — take a look.
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Something to consider when buying a temporary building is the materials used for the building.

More and more now, insurers are becoming very reluctant to provide cover when the temporary building has a pvc fabric roof.

There are insurers who will provide insurance, but it can be very expensive compared to a building with a 'proper' steel roof.

Which is one of the reasons we introduced our range of steel-clad buildings.

PVC is combustible, whereas steel is not.

PVC has a fire-retardant life span of a maximum of 10 years, whereas steel is warranted for up to 35 years...

And insurers are more and more likely to insist upon steel cladding because their exposure to risk of payout is significantly increased when you use a temporary building with a 'tented' PVC fabric roof cover.

Obviously, a building with a steel roof and walls is far more secure from a theft angle, than a pvc one is...

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