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you could do this

you could do this

You could have a building like one of these…
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new-buildings-fast-stsp-300-01 15mtr x 35mtr workshop 
for Seabank Power Station

If you’ve got the time on your hands to handle every 
phase of a building project, this email won’t interest you.

new-buildings-fast-stit-300-02 10mtr x 15mtr Workshop 
for In-Comm training

And if you’ve got the time to deal with all the bureaucracy; 
the local authorities and an army of tradesmen, it certainly 
won’t interest you.

new-buildings-fast-stllr-300-03 16 x 25 Showroom for
Land Rover Dealership in London

But if you’re too busy to get bogged down in arranging
a new building or extension for your company, we’d 
love to talk to you.

new-buildings-fast-stlp-300-04 17.5 x 15 loading bay extension in London

Because we’ve got a strategy which enables you to 
have minimum input with the guarantee of successful results!

project-staff-teamRoss, Jason, Andy And Russell 
will make it happen!

And the reason I used the four images above, is because those are four projects we’ve handled throughout December and January, which are all now completed and in use.

So if you’ve got an idea you’d like to investigate a little further, all we’d need is a very simple sketch with some dimensions, and Jason and his team will look at it for you, to get the ball rolling.

I’m conscious it might all seem a bit too good to be true, or that you might be thinking there’s got to be a catch?

But there isn’t, I assure you.

The simple secret to the success is simply that; keep it simple.

So if you’ve got designs on winning architectural awards or building the next ‘gherkin’, the chances are; we’re not for you.

But if you are looking for a fast, cost effective, hassle-free way to build or extend your premises; talk to Jason and we’ll guarantee you the results you want.

Even if it’s just an idea, or a ‘fag-packet’ sketch. Speak to Jason on 07971 542357 or email jason@smart-space.co.uk and we can get you budget figures together quickly and without cost or obligation.

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