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Building lifespan

Building lifespan

Well just how long can you expect a temporary building to last? Compare a ten year old one with a new one to see.
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How long can you expect a temporary building to last for?

I’ll be honest, this is a bit of a trick question. But there’s a big difference between these two buildings. Can you spot it?


Yes.....no? Ok, I'll tell you......

On the left shows a brand, spanking new building we recently supplied to a company in Washington, Tyne and Wear, a 70m x 25m.

On the right, is a a nine year old building we bought back from a customer, then sold on to another and installed it in January.

Did you detect any difference? Did you think the one on the right looked old and past it?

Well, as the pictures show, if I hadn't told you, you probably couldn't have told one is nine years older than the other. In fact, I’d lay money on it.

But I didn’t write this little quiz to catch you out. It was because I'm often asked, "how long do these buildings last? How “temporary” are they?" And as you can clearly see, they last for years and years...

In fact, as you may have read in my promotional material, I have buildings currently in my hire fleet which were fabricated in 1984 - and are still going strong.

And there's a good reason why...

You see, the only deteriorating parts are the roof covers. They have a 10 year guarantee for fire retardency - and can quickly and cheaply be replaced in a matter of hours or days (depending on size).

They will discolour over time, but this in no way affects the performance of the fabric.

What's more, since the aluminium parts are hot dipped, and the steel parts are all galvanised, there's minimal deterioration of your building's structure.

This is just one reason why more and more companies are buying these buildings. You simply get far more value for money than you could ever hope for with a steel building.

That was one important point I had in mind when sending you this little quiz. But there is another I bet you haven’t missed.

If you do go ahead and buy a Smart-Space building brand new, I guarantee you favourable buy-back rates, which makes owning these buildings even more financial sense.

Think it over, and if you’re planning anything, let me know.

A quote won't cost you a penny, and you're only 28 days away from having a brand new building anywhere in the UK. So let me know if you're interested and I'll get on to it for you right away.

Of course, you don’t need a new building every day. This is just my way of reminding you that when you do, ours are hard to beat.

Let me know when I can help! And thanks for reading this.

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