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Temporary building fast

Temporary building fast

Fast installation of a temporary building to meet seasonal demand
2013-10-27 23:49:00 2017-09-01 11:42:20
fast temporary building

I can’t reveal what’s going on behind that door.

What I can tell you though, is we got the first inquiry on Friday October 4th.

And installed this temporary building on the following Friday, October 11th.

fast temporary building
fast temporary building

And whilst you might not think that’s anything to shout about, when you actually consider just what goes into making it all happen so quickly and seamlessly, it’s actually very impressive.

Because it’s a brand new 7.5mtr x 5mtr x 5.5mtr temporary building using brand new components which are all UK sourced.

The reason I mention this, is because it’s just one of the many advantages of ‘banging the drum’ for British manufacturing.

Because there’s no way we’d have been able to turn that around so quickly, had we had to rely on importing the components from across the channel.

Even better though,because we manufacture as opposed to buying in complete buildings from Germany or France, we can give you far better and, flexible deals too.

For instance, take the building above. The company have begun by hiring it with the intention to buy it, after six months.

And at that point, they’re going to have three options.

They can either

  1. continue to hire it.
  2. send it back…Or…
  3. They can buy it at the original brand new price and we will credit every penny they will have paid in hire, so in effect; they get to try it FREE, for six month.

That’s another reason I’m so proud of what we’re doing here, because it’s not just about providing solutions in double-quick time.

It’s also about offering deals which suit or match your specific business needs.

Let’s face it;  it can be a really slow and painful experience, having to race around sorting out cap-ex or waiting for board approval.

So if that does happen, we’re more than happy to work with you, and once the building’s up and doing a job; you can relax knowing you won’t have had to commit capital or commit to a minimum hire period, which you could well end up regretting further down the line.

fast temporary building

And as this picture demonstrates, it doesn’t have to be as big as a football stadium, either.

It’s just a pity I couldn’t tell you what’s going on behind that door, because it really is quite fascinating….

Anyway, if you have any questions about extending or increasing your space, for literally any application or period of time, let me know and we’ll do our very best for you.

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