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Steel buildings something to think about

Steel buildings something to think about

Here's something to consider
2012-02-23 00:28:00 2017-09-02 11:59:06

By far and away the number 1 reason people have bought our buildings over the past twelve months has been because they are consolidating....

i.e: They're getting out of off-site storage and warehousing in favour of bringing it all in-house.

And making huge savings on their outgoings, as a result.

It ain't rocket science. If you can't sell more, you've got to save more, and consolidating is a really good way to save....A lot, lot more....

For instance, take a look at these work in progress pictures on a building we've been working on in Daventry.

Concrete Pad For Steel Building You're not seeing things...
This is their (sloping) car park...
steel-building-concreet-pad-stcp-250-01 On to which, we have laid concrete slab 
to create a level solid base....
steel-building-concreet-pad-stcp-250-02 To which we're now....Building....
steel-building-concreet-pad-stcp-250-03 And have nearly completed...
steel-building-concreet-pad-stcp-250-04 The framework for a new 
6300 sq ft warehouse.

Which is going to enable this company to save £38,000.00 per year in off-site storage costs...

Take the building cost at £94,000.00....Add in the concrete base at £34,000.000 and for £128,000.00 (ish), they've got (or will have by this time next week) a new industrial unit which will pay for itself in under 4 years....

Added to which, they've turned a sloping car-park into an additional asset, which will add to the overall value of their property.

Like I say, it's not rocket science.

Which is why so many people are now exploring more and more ways to increase their space capacity with our latest generation buildings...

But I'll save you the sales pitch...

That's not the point.

The point is, whatever the size of the area....

Whether you're thinking about a stand alone building like this one, or an extension to an existing building.

Don't dismiss it out of hand and think, it can't be done or...It'll be too expensive, or...It'll be too much hassle..

It can, it won't and it isn't.

Give us a call on 01827 330000 and ask for Jason, or email him on jason@smart-space.co.uk and he'll do his very best for you.

Even if it's just an idea..Even a crazy idea!!

You never know, it could well turn out to be the best move you make, this year.

And given the amount of people who have already done it, there must be something to it?

Give Jase a call, and run your ideas by him...

You've got absolutely nothing to lose.

We're here to help.

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