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What to look for when choosing your steel building supplier

What to look for when choosing your steel building supplier

Here's a list of key considerations to help you choose a reliable steel building supplier.
The final cost of your steel building is going to have a strong bearing on which manufacturer you choose. If, however, you choose your supplier on price alone, you could be heading for unforeseen problems further down the line...
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Choosing Your Steel Building Supplier What To Look For When Choosing Your Steel Building Supplier

Designated Project Manager

Have you been offered the services of a designated project manager by your prospective supplier? A designated project manager will be your main point of contact. He or she will;

  • Pass on your envisaged building requirements and dimensions to the designer
  • Liaise between you and the designer on any points of concern
  • Oversee the construction of each section by the workshop engineers
  • Ensure both your sectional building and construction crew arrives onsite on the agreed dat

In-house planning

Does the company employ its own in-house design team? With the latest CAD software, an in-house designer can start to flesh out your building’s dimensions. Any questions can be quickly resolved in-house without having to wait for an engaged response from a third party. Keeping everything in-house ensures the operation runs seamlessly from beginning to end, with minimum risk of error or misunderstanding.

High quality materials

Does the company use good, high quality steel? Are the materials compliant with EU and international standards – i.e. CE marked? A good supplier won’t try to cut costs by using inferior metals. Structural steel should be of the highest quality and be supported by a lengthy parts and labour warranty.


While there are some great start-ups out there, when investing in a permanent steel building you’ll benefit from a well-established business. This gives you peace of mind that your supplier will be around to provide support and back up their warranty claims for the long term. An established company will have a reputation to protect and is more likely to offer workmanship of the highest quality. An indication of this is whether the teams involved in manufacture and construction are employed in house, or whether some parts of the process are outsourced. If sub-contractors are used – which isn’t a negative in itself – find out where these businesses are based and, if possible, what their reputation is. Keeping the whole process within the UK will give you better control and minimise the risk of delays.

Quality Service From Smart-Space

At Smart-Space we offer reliable high quality buildings and a personal service you can depend on. We are proud of the fact that many of our long serving employees have been with the business since its inception. If you would like further information on our buildings and services please contact us by phone or email, or download our free eBook – Which Building Guide.

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