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Smart-Space meeting our customers’ needs

Smart-Space meeting our customers’ needs

The versatility of a Smart-Space canopy
2023-06-16 09:30:00 2023-06-16 13:48:00
canopy-example-smufit-kappa Canopy example - Smurfit Kappa

We get numerous requests for bespoke canopies.  In a climate like ours, with unpredictable weather demand never slows, owing to their flexibility.

Recent Requests - Quite recently we’ve had requests to cover unused or neglected tennis courts - in one case, covering part of a car park to create a covered sports facility. The beauty of this type of canopy solution lies in the provision of year-round play whilst also protecting the integrity of the courts, nets and other equipment such as lighting, score boards and even vending machines and similar.

Case Studies - We’ve been installing canopies in loading bays for many years – again, to protect people and products from the weather. Adelie Foods in London needed to keep their fresh bakery products undercover whilst loading up. Also, as they’re based on a prestigious business park, the landlord stipulated a canopy that was in keeping with the premises. “We chose Smart-Space because they came up with a design that the standard rental companies could not achieve. Having the silver steel roof instead of the PVC one enabled us to keep our business moving forward.”

However loading bays and canopies can also provide a strategic working space between a warehouse and the waiting vehicles that adds a layer of weather protection for the warehouse workers as well. Large, open, loading spaces can expose a building quite significantly. In IAC Halewood’s Liverpool plant, the addition of well-placed, covered goods in/out bays meant that the warehouse was able to retain a consistent temperature – ideal for warehouse staff and the stored products within.

Similar to canopies are covered tunnels used for transporting goods from one warehouse to another. And we have also installed a small covered reception area that formed the entrance to a temporary school sports hall. At a recent Maxi-Space installation at Smurfit Kappa in Norfolk the canopy only extended a few feet from the front of the building – but it was deep enough to allow vehicles to be loaded under cover.

Smart-Space custom canopies – for all occasions - Some of our canopy solutions are designed as part of the instant Smart-Space building and others are standalone and relocatable. We really enjoy the challenge of creating exactly what’s needed to resolve an issue. It’s easy to see why canopies are a popular choice for our customers – and they serve in all sectors from warehousing to sports.

Jason Lynock
Jason Lynock Sales Director


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