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second hand buildings for sale - rare opportunity

second hand buildings for sale - rare opportunity

It might just be that one of these two buildings we have for sale is just what you are looking for. Take a peek.
NOW SOLD - Very rarely do we offer used buildings for sale, but here is a rare opportunity to purchase a fully customised used building.
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small storage building for sale This image is of the smaller type of the two buildings offered for sale. The image is for illustration purposes only the actual building may differ in appearance.

We have a couple of used buildings for sale just now.  The full building specifications are here on our second hand buildings page.

We have a small storage building and a large warehouse building for sale that might just suit your needs.

Both can be customised in-house to ensure they are fit for the purpose you intend for them.

Please take a look it could be just what youré looking for.  But if not then we are always please to quote you for your exact specification.

Smart-Space giving you the building you need.

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