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Relocatable building vs building a new unit

Relocatable building vs building a new unit

We compare getting a relocatable building with building a new unit and help you make the right choice!
2018-03-23 14:47:00 2019-05-02 03:39:31
Relocatable Building Vs Building A New Unit Relocatable building vs building a new unit

Whatever your requirement, building a new unit requires land and capital, and a relatively prolonged planning, design and construction process before you can begin to realise on its value to your business. Undoubtedly, it is an excellent long-term solution for any enterprise, but there are many scenarios which make a relocatable (temporary) building a better, more sensible and much more flexible choice.

Speed of Construction

One of the truly great benefits of a relocatable (temporary) building is how little time it takes to build it on the site of your choice and make it available for use. This type of building is perfect for urgent expansion requirements, such as extending warehouse capacity or as a stand-alone unit. Another big advantage of a relocatable (temporary) building is, it can stand on literally any surface because of the PVC fabric roof, which means you don’t need to consider costly and time-consuming groundworks which could serve to delay you even more.

Utility Value of a Relocatable Building

It’s not just the fact you can transport it to a new location but also our temporary buildings do not require foundations or footings of any description. You can even have one installed on sloping ground. That adds tremendously to the agility of repurposing them in a different location. We are happy to quote for taking them down, transporting and re-erecting them whether you have purchased them outright or entered into a hire arrangement with us. It’s really important to us that you can easily extract the maximum value for your investment and that attitude forms the basis of the values of our company.





Extend or Modify?

As well as being relocatable, the construction methods and materials used in our relocatable (temporary) buildings lend themselves to much easier modification than bricks and mortar equivalents, plus the changes can be carried out much more quickly. This means you have the basic framework of a building for a new location, for example, which can be customised to suit the requirements of your location.

Change of Plans

Following on from the previous point about utility value and relocation option, is the genuine capability to de-risk unexpected changes to your company’s original plans. Even if you don’t have any alternative purpose for the building you do have alternatives. If you have purchased one of our temporary buildings then you have a guaranteed buy back option. If you have hired it, then you need give us only 7 days’ notice of your wish to terminate the agreement, with no minimum contract term.

Hire or Buy Options

Unlike building a new unit, you can opt to hire a relocatable (temporary) building from us rather than sanction the capital expenditure required to build or buy a building. The option to hire makes perfect sense where requirements are known to be short term or, for example, to cover the period until the company is in a position to construct and commission a permanent new building. This bridges the gap and permits your company to grow faster, starting from now, than it would do if you had to wait for a new building to be approved and constructed.

Find Out More

In considering your options, it may help to download our Which? Building Guide, a new e-book which provides some valuable pointers to assist with your decision-making process.

It’s totally free and will not obligate you in any way, yet it could give you some really good pointers and advice on how best to solve your company’s space problems, in as little as 7-21 days from now!


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