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Real feedback

Real feedback

Customer Feedback — the good and the not so good
2013-10-18 23:48:00 2016-08-04 06:48:59

Have you ever noticed companies never publish negative customer feedback…..Only ever the good.

As though they’re somehow perfect, when in reality of course - you know and I know - that’s never the case.

Take this one, for example, from a client who has just hired this temporary building from us, in Aberdeen…..


“It's a bit blowey up here but as you can see in attached photos, building still in one piece and upright.

We are already benefiting from it (ideal for purpose), after initial teething problemsit would appear to be positives all the way now.

Many visitors impressed! Hoping this continues.”

See? He mentioned ‘teething problems” 

And how about this one:

"Smart-Space provided an excellent service in relatively unusual conditions for our installation at Pembroke.

The order was placed at very short notice due to being let down by another provider.

Smart-Space fulfilled their commitment exactly as promised, jumping through some fairly onerous site entry conditions prior to their arrival on site.

Detailed documentation was provided on time and no hold up was incurred.

The temporary structure was raised very quickly and without any infringements of our very stringent safety code.

I was very impressed with the professional approach of the management and workforce of Smart-Space.

Not quite 100% perfect….But nearly….

If I had to make any criticism it would be of some of the subcontracting companies used.

The delivery driver who unloaded the tele-handler had to be stopped from using that tele-handler to lift the rear of his trailer to save him reversing in a tight corner and the roller shutter door installer was seen using a scissor lift platform incorrectly.

Both acts were stopped.

I would be happy to use Smart-Space again for similar work in the future."

Again……Not quite perfect, just almost……

And that’s the point in mentioning this.

You see, unlike any of the others you might call for a quote whenever you need a temporary building, we don’t profess to be perfect.

But you can be absolutely assured, we’re having a bloody good go at being so..

Actions always speak louder than words, and yes, you may well find there are teething problems when your building is erected, because that’s the nature of the beast.

But whether it’s down to the wind in Aberdeen, or a ‘stunt-driver’ in Pembroke, you can be assured we’ll do our very, very best to make it as near perfect as possible.

Which I believe, is all you will ask and expect?

Whatever, you can rest assured, that’s what we’ll give.

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