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Creating a safe, secure and low risk environment

Creating a safe, secure and low risk environment

How Smart-Space continues to work towards creating the safest working conditions
2021-11-22 23:00:00 2021-11-23 15:59:55
Compliance team Paul and Danyaal, the compliance team, discussing noise levels

At Smart-Space we have always made health, safety and compliance a priority. We're managing construction work and all that entails so it simply has to be an important agenda item for us. Our teams, our clients, suppliers and everyone involved has trust and faith in how we deliver each project. However, recently things have been extra busy in the compliance department. 

We have two new faces

Paul Davies and Danyaal Khan are the team who have taken over responsibility for a number of areas within the business that relate to compliance. Paul joins Smart-Space with over twenty years’ experience in compliance and all of its many applications. Danyaal is currently studying a Master’s in Internal Audit Management at Birmingham City University and is able to apply his academic understanding in a practical sense within the workplace.

Compliance at work

Their remit includes looking after the reports and paperwork that support each project. This means that each build has everything it needs in terms of checks, certification and complete accountability. Sometimes this kind of involvement takes them out on-site to assess the different needs of each installation. A more recent experience required Paul to visit the UK’s largest nuclear power plant as Smart-Space will be working there over the coming weeks and months. Both Paul and Danyaal will be working on client sites whenever it’s necessary or when a project is more complex.

ISO accreditatons

In addition to site safety, the team is looking within the Smart-Space business at health and safety, PPE, vehicle safety and lots more. Paul has also started to introduce additional information signage in Smart-Space’s new premises. Most exciting though is the new set of ISO accreditations we're working towards. This means that the team is formalising much of its common-sense approach and experience into processes and systems that can be verified by an external agency. We'll keep you posted on this vital work.

Lifting safety

A recent example of our diligence came about when we needed to use a crane to help construct an installation. Using lifting equipment comes with its own set of safety criteria that are more than tick boxes to us. Getting more complex construction work to meet regulations, have all the correct paperwork and know that all risks have been minimised is so important to us all.

Safe Contractor

On a final note we have our Safe Contractor accreditation secured for another twelve months - an achievement of course but it's nothing we will ever be complacent about. Well done Smart-Space team for high standards and an excellent track record.



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