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Smart-Space project management can provide a complete turnkey solution

Smart-Space project management can provide a complete turnkey solution

We can manage as much or as little of your building project as like
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Example of a specialist finish Example of a specialist finish

One of the reasons many of our customers choose us is because of our ability to manage the whole project, should it be required. Of course, we also work extensively with companies who have their own in-house teams and simply require building supply and installation. We enjoy all levels of involvement - with the sole aim of getting the right building, in the right place, at the right cost.

The most important part of our turnkey solution is that we have the most fantastic team of people, all directly employed, with the knowledge needed to make things happen! From sales advisers through to our aftercare team, we have a great (and growing) Smart-Space family who are down to earth and know their stuff.

Starting with understanding

In terms of supplying a building that is completely ready to use there are many stages involved. We start the journey with you, ensuring that you have exactly what you need. This level of advice is borne out of years of experience, understanding what the building is for, whether people will be working in there, making sure any stored goods are in the right kind of building and so on. We ask the right questions. 

Managing the site

Then we go through all of the next steps that complete the preparation stage - site survey, utilities, access and all the aspects that will be considered by the planning department if that's needed. We have our own site surveyors who will come and see you, ask for any useful paperwork you might have and draw up any that's needed.

The health and safety team will also be involved prior to installation, making sure that everything is risk assessed and all certification is adhered to. We have experience of working with borehole drills, lifting equipment, cranes and similar and understand all the regulations surrounding the safe and careful use of all hired equipment. This knowledge comes through direct experience and covering all eventualities. We build in the tightest of spots, in awkward areas, with limited access, and face all sorts of other challenges! As a business we have a whole host of safety accreditations including Safe Contractor and CHAS.

Taking time to plan

Planning permission is a thorny area but one in which we are well qualified. We can save weeks of delay in several ways: mainly by ensuring that you have everything in order before you apply. By having complete paperwork, you will be processed in a timely way. Failing to have the right reports means that you will go back to the beginning of the process - it can be frustrating. You can also apply retrospectively with an element of measured/sensible risk attached to it. We can advise on this.

The build

Our teams are directly employed so they understand the processes and expectations of every site visit. You'll see the same people each day and customers are always impressed by the harmony that is evident at every install. The teams operate in a clean, tidy and efficient way. What comes out of every case study interview we do is the way in which the site crews work around the needs of the customer. If Friday is a quiet (and therefore optimum) day to start, then that's what we do. Working airside at Leeds Airport entailed huge amounts of additional security which is all in a day's work for us! Quickly and efficiently, we orchestrate every aspect of the build.

Building finish

Once the building exists we can organise any additional work that is required. Lighting is included as standard but we also take responsibility for every other facility you can think of, from flooring to installing a kitchen or office space, toilets and similar. For sports projects we have trusted suppliers who offer specialist equipment fitting as well as sports flooring.

A good example of a turnkey solution is Kingsbury School in Tamworth where the Headteacher commented throughout on how easy it had been from his perspective. Notably he was able to step back and watch the students' delight when it opened and was ready for use, without the build detracting from his day-to-day responsibilities. We have many such stories.

“This has easily been the easiest building project we have ever been involved with. Four months of pure bliss where we just took photos at each stage!"
Simon Cotton, Headteacher, Kingsbury School, Tamworth

There are many aspects to consider with a turnkey solution and we are able to manage everything - from our first discussion right through to handing over the key to your ready-to-use building.

Talk to me, Jason Lynock, for some more information on how we work.

Jason Lynock
Jason Lynock Sales Director


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