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Which building is best for schools

Which building is best for schools

five reasons why choosing portable, temporary, or permanent buildings is better for schools
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A better choice for schools

There are several reasons why using a temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent building may be better than spending upwards of a million building a new school. Education authorities may want to consider using modular buildings because they are cost-efficient, and they do offer many benefits.

Here are five reasons why schools should consider portable, temporary, semi-permanent, or permanent buildings.

They go up faster

They can be constructed faster than a traditional school building, without the hefty price tag. If a school does not have to pay for insulation or HVAC costs, it also saves time in construction. The supplier can prepare the modular site and has the detailed specification for the school’s need and the size of the building beforehand.

Greater predictability

Due to term time constrains and to avoid as little disruption to the pupils' continuing education as possible, the school needs to ensure that the project plan runs to schedule. With temporary and permanent buildings, there are less opportunities for overruns. Many of the components are manufactured off-site and assembled on-site. With less to delay construction and pieces already made, it does not take as long to assemble the steel building framework, walls or roof. School officials can better predict how much it will cost to upgrade their facilities.

Though it’s permanent, it’s not permanent!

It may be true a permanent building structure is meant to be a permanent structure, but all modular buldings have a certain number of years that they will last. This may be a good option for a school who may want time to think about constructing a new building and doesn’t currently have the funds for the project. It may buy the school a number of years whilst officials decide whether to proceed or not. Since modular buildings are suitable for use up to at least seven years, this is a great option for schools to consider.

Safer and better for the environment

Buying temporary or semi-permanent buildings may help schools better predict any delays in the project. However, since these classrooms with steel panels are made off-site, this lessens the chances that any modular buildings will not be completed on-schedule. It also lessens the opportunity that employees will be injured during re-assembly. Half as many people are required on a project with a temporary, semi-permanent or permanent building.

They are energy and time savers

Using pre-built material saves energy. It may not save vats amounts of energy, but is a better outcome than many building projects that waste energy and take more time to complete. It also is helping the environment. Did you know that many of the construction projects schools, and other businesses undertake, can leave a carbon footprint? Using pre-fabricated buildings reduces the amount of carbon used overall. This is why it is better for the environment and a fiscal choice, as well. These modular buildings reduce the carbon in the air by as much as 20 percent compared to current building regulations.

Has your school ever considered modular buildings? No longer are modulars the weird outdoor boxes that stand out as such. They provide standardisation in a world where student are encouraged to be different. Did you know modulars can be custom built in a variety of styles and colours? No longer does any temporary or portable building have to look like it is temporary or portable. Schools can choose how much insulation a building needs and call the experts at Smart-Space to see how any portable, temporary, semi-permanent or permanent building will meet their needs.

At Smart-Space, here in the UK, we design instant buildings that are used for a variety of purposes and are built quickly. We know our customers need buildings that can be built fast, are strong, and meet their energy-efficiency needs -- while keeping costs down. We are British-made, British-based, and British-made. Our team currently numbers more than 20 employees and our specialists always give our customers the best customer service possible. We endeavor to deliver what is best for our customers, not what suits us. To discuss how our temporary buildings may benefit your business, visit us at: smart-space.co.uk.

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