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Adapting working environments to allow for social distancing

Adapting working environments to allow for social distancing

We have started to talk to organisations about how they provide more space for their teams to operate in - during both the working day and essential down-time
Changing work environments
2020-04-27 22:00:00 2021-01-13 04:37:43
adapting working environments Seating arrangement like this could be a thing of the past

As a country we are working hard to adapt our businesses during this difficult time. But what about afterwards?

Whilst the enforced government lockdown has caused major headaches for literally every business going, there’s more to come as we start to get back to ‘normal’. There will be all sorts of issues to navigate as we start to bring people back together safely and carefully. Wthout doubt, social distancing is not going to go away any time soon.

Social distancing will require more workspace

Consider your canteen or work restaurant for instance. As and when we get back to work, social distancing is probably going to give rise to staggered breaks, and seating such as the one above may no longer be possible.  There will be a need for fewer people gathered at any one time, and stricter ruling on maximum occupancy of rooms within your buildings will have to be observed.

If you’re faced with the task of overcoming this on your company’s behalf, we can help you. We are already talking to a few businesses in preparation for a slow reverse of lockdown but with the legacy of caution hanging over us all.

Our buildings can help

Our range of relocatable buildings can be specified for applications where people gather. It’s important to understand the difference between buildings which are suited to having people inside and those which are designed for goods only. Because if you’re going to have people gathering for meals, meetings, or working side by side, you’re going to need to consider insulation values, because inevitably you’re going to need to heat the building. Most instant buildings don't take heat control into account (adding heat or cooling it down), especially if they are used primarily for storage.

And this is where we can help you with this particular part of the crisis. In a matter of days, we can supply you with a temporary facility to house your workforce - for whatever you need the space for. Best of all, we will provide you with the necessary heating and cooling solutions to ensure you don’t get a staff revolt the moment the temperature dips or rises.

We manufacture our buildings in-house using our dedicated UK supply chain for components so there’s no shortage of stock, and no limit to size.

Think ahead

So if you’re thinking ahead, or if you’re one of the lucky ones already back hard at it, and need a solution to this problem, get in touch and we’ll show you how easy it is to solve this niggling issue, in a matter of days.

We really look forward to helping you out.


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