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Five steel building applications that might inspire you

Five steel building applications that might inspire you

If it can be built from bricks and mortar, it can be built from steel at a more cost-effective price.
Here are five examples of the different types of bespoke steel buildings put to use in different sectors, based on some of our recent projects.
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Inspiring-Steel-Building-Applications-1-800 Five steel building applications that might inspire you

If you’ve always thought steel buildings were just for private car garages, big draughty warehouses, or barns, perhaps it’s time to think again. 

1) Large Car Showrooms, Offices and Workshops

Our relationship with this client started when we were approached to supply and erect a temporary building while their original building was undergoing refurbishment. So pleased were they with the temporary structure, they asked us to construct a large permanent car showroom which included offices, and a large workshop and maintenance area at the rear of the premises.

Read the full case study here.

2) Combined Manufacturing and Office Building

Steel buildings are extremely popular in the manufacturing and engineering industries. We recently completed a large project for one of the UK’s leading suppliers of raw foodstuffs - a large preparation and food processing area on the ground floor, with office space above. We also supplied a temporary building to provide extra storage during peak periods.

More case study details can be found by clicking here.

3) Locomotive Workshops

Many businesses have very specific requirements for their workshops. A recent project involved designing and constructing a large workshop for the servicing and maintaining of some of the UK’s most modern railway locomotives and rolling stock.

Read more about this case study here.

4) Educational Buildings

Steel buildings are not restricted to purely industrial applications. With so many of the UK’s local authorities having their budgets slashed, children are having to be taught in old dilapidated buildings that should have been demolished years ago. Purpose built steel buildings provide a cheaper, more cost-effective option to traditional building methods. We have supplied classroom blocks, lecture halls, canteens, sports halls and gymnasiums to various educational authorities around the UK which will be fit for purpose for many years to come.

This project undertaken for a Warwickshire secondary school is a good example of how schools are taking advantage of robust, low cost steel buildings.

5) Steel Buildings in the Oil Industry

Oil refineries across the country are big users of steel buildings both temporary and permanent. We have, over recent times supplied steel buildings for decontamination purposes and for use in a refinery blast zone, as well as for storage and maintenance purposes.

Full details of some of our recent oil & gas sector projects can be found here.

Cost Effective Spaces

If it can be built from bricks and mortar, it can be built from steel at a more cost-effective price. Many designers of industrial estates or business parks are now turning to steel buildings to provide affordable commercial premises which will stand the test of time. If you would like more information on our range of temporary, semi-permanent and permanent steel buildings please give us a call, or take a look at our free downloadable Which Building Guide.

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