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How flexibility works in partnership

How flexibility works in partnership

We work with our customers and really listen to what they want. In recent times this has led us to create all sorts of new products.
How collaboration and open minds can lead to great solutions
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maxi-span-buildings How flexibility works in partnership

The watchword right now is flexibility. Being able to adapt to new situations and take cues from everyone around us. Never has it been more usual to be unusual, think outside the box and reinvent the way we do things. Some businesses are more successful at this than others but we consciously work to make sure that being nimble is an inherent part of our culture.

Flexibility matters because it can mean the difference between getting the job done or failing, looking after our people or losing them and being open-minded enough to welcome feedback, new ideas and innovation. Doing things differently is a positive if it means doing them better or for the greater good.

New products

We work with our customers, many repeat customers, and really listen to what they want. In recent times this has led us to consider all sorts of new products - from loading bay canopies, customer reception areas at a UK airport, temporary classrooms and the addition of enormous Maxi-span structures to our portfolio. Our flexibility, combined with what our clients can envisage, has enabled us all to operate slightly differently and definitely more effectively.

Working together

The ability to adapt comes from a partnership between our experienced team and the ability of our customers to imagine how their perfect solution might look and to trust in our expertise when we offer something they might not have thought of. There would be no point in offering bespoke products if we didn’t have the customer base to embrace it.

Our loading bay solutions have been created as a result of specific requirements - protection from the weather, keeping a unit cleaner, making a building safer. Customer reception areas at Leeds Bradford Aiport offer valuable space to manage the flow of passengers and somewhere to educate and inform them during the current pandemic. Temporary classrooms have been installed for so many reasons, mostly driven by a lack of space but sometimes to provide temporary space as new facilities are being built. Maxi-span is a popular evolvement of our core building range that gives customers huge expanses of uninterrupted space, borne from a simple customer request.

Changing times

Obviously the current need for ‘a new normal’ is driving change, almost giving us no choice. Most working environments need to reshape in some form, even if it’s just to allow for social distancing. Some are going a bit further and providing break out spaces, dining facilities and hot desk areas which we are very happy to assist with.

Maybe one positive from this testing time we are going through is how it is pushing our boundaries and creating a need for change that might end up serving us well in the future. Giving employees more space, allowing more people to work from home, allocating designated places to take a break and other innovations might be the silver lining in this particular grey cloud.

Explore your options

If your business has space issues or there is a challenge that you think might be solved through the addition of a new building, why not explore it with us? There is no cost to talking through a project and seeing how it might look for you.


Jason Lynock
Jason Lynock Sales Director

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