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a big (financial) health warning.....

a big (financial) health warning.....

Choose the right type of building for your needs.
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Financial Health Warning Financial Health Warning

This current heatwave is causing all manner of issues for people who have chosen to use a PVC fabric roof temporary building, because of the staggering temperatures we’ve been experiencing.

Whereas every other temporary building supplier offers the one type, we offer three - for a very good reason. 

PVC fabric may be fine for the majority of products to store whatever the temperature, but for applications when you are covering people as opposed to product, they are NOT.

Any kind of showroom, workshop, production area, manufacturing facility etc etc, should be covered with an insulated steel roof building.

This is because it’s far easier and far more cost-effective to cool when too hot, and warm when too cold.

Use a PVC fabric roof building for any of these applications, and you will see your hidden costs of cooling and heating absolutely soar – literally through the roof!!


And it’s for this reason we offer three different solutions, because there isn’t ONE type of building which is suitable for every application and period of use.

So our advice is, quite simply; if your application is to cover people in the workplace – go for a building with an insulated steel roof.

If it’s purely for product storage, then the PVC fabric roof will do the job just fine.

This advice may seem simple and obvious, but you’d be staggered at the hidden costs of ignoring this advice, as case study after actual case study has proven.

Any questions, get in touch.

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