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Why buying British is a great idea right now

Why buying British is a great idea right now

Buying from British businesses is the way forward
Why we think working with a British supply chain is the best option
2020-10-29 23:00:00 2020-10-31 03:46:25
made-in-britain Made in Britain

January 1st 2021 - Brexit day will officially mark the date goods will no longer move from border to border as easily, quickly or cheaply as is currently the case. So for any company importing goods from mainland Europe, because a trade deal has yet to be struck, this will probably mean substantial added costs or severe delays to the supply chain.

So what if you have a temporary building on order or are thinking of ordering from a company who import your building from mainland Europe? Most of our competitors import their products so if you're not buying from us, it's likely to be the case. The truth is that nobody knows just what the inevitable delay or added costs will be.

We have always been a British company with lots of fantastic local suppliers - we know them all very well. Our relationships have been built over many, many years and we are all well used to working closely together. We know who we are ordering from and we know the guys who drop the orders off, it's how we like to work. If we need something urgently, we might collect it ourselves if we need to.

Of course we didn't set it up this way with Brexit in mind - but we've always known it makes absolute sense to trade within the UK wherever possible. For us it's all about relationships, responsiveness, supporting the community and so much more. Our culture and ethos just happens to be a great positive when it comes to Brexit Day and beyond. We know there won't be any delays or additional costs because we'll work in the same way we do right now - quickly and efficiently.

And what about on-going service? Another point which is often overlooked when choosing companies who import their buildings to the UK is: what about availability of replacement parts and staff when a maintenance or repair call out is required? This is something you can be forgiven for overlooking because it’s not something which is addressed by those companies who serve to simply export their buildings and import your money. Once you’ve done the deal, all too often you’re on your own, which is why we get calls from disgruntled people who cannot get a reply or service call from the company they bought from.

We’ve been operating since 1987, so we’re the longest established supplier of temporary buildings, and our components are sourced from our British supply chain which gives you total peace of mind for continued and unhindered supply of our products.

All of this is why we believe that there’s never been a better time to buy British.

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