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Thinking of extending?

Thinking of extending?

Get a permanent building loading bay extension
2014-03-06 00:55:00 2017-09-01 09:39:23

Lots are…..Especially as the economy’s on the up and up whilst the weather’s getting worse!

dispatch-extension-stzf-400-01 5mtr x 15mtr x 6mtr dispatch extension 
in less than a week!

Take the dispatch extension above, for example.
The company we’ve built this for originally asked about extending using one of our re-locatable temporary buildings.

But what’s the point? When you can get a permanent extension for little more cost, yet far longer life-span.

dispatch-extension-sttk-400-02 8.5mtr x 16mtr x 4.5mtr dispatch building

And the guy at this company asked the very same question.

Again, what’s the point of having a fabric covered temporary building when you can get one with steel cladding which will match your existing building and costs hardly any more to buy?


Of course, it takes a little longer to install, due to the working at height regulations, which you don’t have to worry about with a re-locatable temporary building.

But what’s a couple of extra days when you end up enjoying the benefits for years and years to come?

And if you’re concerned about the hassle of planning permission, and dealing with the local authority, we can help you there too because Ross, our Structural Engineer; will handle all applications on your behalf.

It’s that simple……. You can’t do a thing about the weather, but you can take preventative action and we’d love to prove to you just how easy it is.

Whatever size, whatever colour. However tricky you think it might be.

Give Jason a call on 01827 330000 or email him at jason@smart-space.co.uk and he’ll give you a price without obligation, in no time at all.

Fair enough? I hope so and look forward to helping you.

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