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Expand your storage space with a temporary warehouse

Expand your storage space with a temporary warehouse

The benefits of installing a temporary warehouse on your site.
We provide a range of high quality temporary buildings which can be erected on any reasonably level ground, without the need of a pre-laid base or footings.
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Expand Your Storage Expand Your Storage

One of the biggest problems to confront small, growing companies is the need for short-term, additional manufacturing or storage space. This need for extra space is usually caused for three main reasons.

1) It could be to do with spikes in trading. Perhaps you see a big increase in turnover during a seasonal or holiday period, like Christmas.
2) It may be because of a large, one-off orders from occasional customers, which requires extra materials or product storage?
3) Or it could be caused by a steadily improving and growing order book.

In the early years of business, finances are invariably tight, with start-up costs and business loans having to be paid off. No-one wants to risk taking on long term additional commitments just to secure some extra storage space short-term. Luckily, there is an easy, cost-effective solution to all these problems.

Consider using a Temporary Warehouse

Whether in the manufacturing, wholesaling or retailing business, trading spikes can cause untold problems. Unless you’re prepared to risk damage or theft of materials, equipment or products, by storing them outside under tarpaulins, or in some out-of-the-way lock-up garage, something more efficient has to be found.

We provide a range of high quality temporary buildings which can be erected on any reasonably level ground, without the need of a pre-laid base or footings. With structural beams manufactured from high strength, box section aluminium, steel wall cladding, and PVC fabric roof systems, the building is strong but flexible. The in-built flexibility of our buildings allows them to be constructed on all types of surface using spikes or bolts.

Some of the biggest problems when trying to locate a permanent building for that temporary extra space, is the length of time it takes to find it. It can take a long time to get the legalities out of the way, and to find the right length of lease on offer. We offer a range of rental options from as short as three months, for as long as you wish.

And with a huge stock-holding at our central Midlands facility, we can have your temporary warehouse onsite and erected in as little as 7 – 21 days from order.

More Permanent Temporary Storage

For a small business, relocating to larger premises due to an increasing order book is an expensive decision not to be taken lightly, and may well be a major upheaval for your people, which can be a nightmare when you’re so busy.

By renting one of our temporary warehouses you can have as many extra square metres as you need, erected at your premises in a matter of days.

By using that extra space for 12 or 18 months your business can continue to grow, putting your company in a much stronger position when the time finally comes to shut up shop, and relocate to those larger, more permanent premises. If you feel some additional floor space will help improve your company’s operation, please download our free Which Building Guide?

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