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Dispatch bay extension

Dispatch bay extension

Extend Your Warehouse With A Dispatch Extension In 5 Days
2013-07-23 23:45:00 2017-09-02 12:10:16

If you think extending your warehouse is time-consuming, bureaucratic AND massively expensive, here’s proof it doesn’t have to be.

dispatch-bay-extension-stcl-250-01 The original gable-end of the building
dispatch-bay-extension-stcl-250-02Frame erected with edge protection for 
fitting the roof
dispatch-bay-extension-stcl-250-03Extension complete to increase 
dispatch area
dispatch-bay-extension-stcl-250-04Cladding, flashings and doors matched 
to original
dispatch-bay-extension-stcl-250-0510m x 15m dispatch extension complete 
with access ramp

And there you have it. A Brand new, purpose built goods dispatch area built in just five days.

And what did it cost, would you say? Well, for the concrete base, the building including all the doors and accessories, the total cost was just £68,500.00.

Which is why I began by stating how quick and cost-effective it can be.

And with seemingly ever more unpredictable weather and the need to ensure your goods are received and dispatched in perfect condition, I hope you’ll agree; our extensions represent fantastic value for money.

Better still, it adds to your property value too, so it’s win, win all around.

We’re doing more of these than ever before right now because more and more people are out-growing their goods in and dispatch areas.

So if you too are interested to see how quickly, easily and cost-effective it would be to have an extension to one of your buildings, let us know and we’ll send you an estimate across in no time.

Simply call Jason on 01827 330000 or email him at jason@smart-space.co.uk to give him an idea of the dimensions, and he’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate, subject to a detailed site survey.

It’s that simple. Give us a call and we’ll prove it.

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